5 reasons why you didn’t get the job

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You leave the interview feeling surprisingly confident yet weeks go by and you never hear anything back. Or, if you are indulged with a rejection email, you’re left staring at an auto-response with too many clichés and not a single explanation as to why you didn’t make the cut.

And so the vicious cycle continues, how can you improve your interview technique when no one is telling you what you’re doing wrong?

  1. You were unprepared

You may think you did everything you could to prepare, but was that really the case? Although selling yourself is important, employers are also looking to see that you know about them. Research by viewing the LinkedIn and Twitter profiles of your interviewers, and use Google to explore all aspects of the industry. Turn up 10-15 minutes early and have extra copies of your CV to hand.

  1. There was something missing

Your initial interview is your opportunity to go above and beyond to prove you are the ideal candidate. Interviewers want to see passion and enthusiasm, so make sure to prepare an explanation as to why you are interested in the company position. This should be easy if you really want the job but your research should help you highlight the ways in which the company’s values and objectives coincide with your own. And don’t forget, you’re interviewing them too!

  1. You didn’t seem to care

Ask insightful questions, remain proactive throughout the entire interview process and always be gracious and appreciative of the interviewer’s time. Bring a notebook and take notes – this will show you’re dedicated to making sure you understand the role as well as being useful to refer back to. A follow up thank you email should also be sent out of courtesy 24-48 hours after your interview.

  1. You over did it

Being proactive and enthusiastic is brilliant but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Keep this in mind and make sure not to come across as too persistent and avoid interrupting at all costs. You wouldn’t want them to think that you’re hard to manage. Instead remain modest and collected, taking the time to respond with well thought out answers.

  1. Here today, gone tomorrow

Be prepared to answer questions such as ‘where do you see yourself in 2/5/10 years?’ It’s always a hiring manager’s worst nightmare to invest time and resources on an employee who doesn’t intend on sticking around. Therefore it’s important to reassure them that you’re in it for the long run. Tell them about your aspirations and the way in which you’d like to progress if you got the job.

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